Hi Folks,

I hope that you are all doing well and that spring is bringing you flowers,
rather than showers!  I thought that it was time to touch bases with you and
fill you in on what is happening here and on the website.

First of all, it is getting very difficult to send and receive email through
our local ISP.  If you email us and don't receive a response please send me
a message through the website.  My address there is
katrina@kosraevillage.com.  In fact you might just want to put that address
in your address book or always send me a cc "“ I'd rather receive two
messages than none!

The 2006 Coral Monitoring project will be September 16 "“ 29.  More detailed
information is on the site.  New photos have been added to my galleries too.

Rob LaGrone published a great article on the 2005 Coral Monitoring project.
It is posted at
http://www.jetsettersmagazine.com/archive/jetezine/sports02/scuba02/ pacific/kosrae/diving.html.


This is a really long URL, so you might have to copy and paste it into your
browser window.


And here are some important dates:

April 22 "“ Earthday (Mooring Buoy Maintenance)
May "“ Tech Month
July 17 "“ "Possible" Coral Spawning
September 5 – 10 "“  Festival Week
September 8 "“ Kosrae Island Liberation Day
September 16 – 29 "“ Coral Monitoring

Don't forget Christmas, it is an amazing celebration on Kosrae!