Denmark's cultural festivals and events are the perfect opportunity to experiences the colorful diversity and character of this vibrant country.  From art exhibitions to music festivals to colorful carnivals and events, Denmark has something for every taste.  Don't miss out on the chance to see Denmark's exciting celebrations with highlights as follows:

The following is a highlight of the most dynamic celebrations & events taking place in Denmark in 2012:

Copenhagen WonderCOOL Festival – Throughout February 2012. Copenhagen hosts this new festival for the second time this winter 2012. It groups a number of the city's cultural festivals and culture centers in one collective celebration of Copenhagen as a cultural hub in the winter. Copenhagen’s big five festivals "“ jazz, design, fashion, food and rock "“ all together make the festival "“ Copenhagen WonderCOOL!

Copenhagen Fashion Week – February 1-5.  At Copenhagen Fashion Festival, a wide range of consumer related fashion events are open to the public. The Festival offers sweepstakes, parties, fashion lounges, runway shows and much more.

Copenhagen Carnival – May 25-27 2012. You do not have to go to Rio to experience a real carnival. In Copenhagen you will experience fantastic costumes, samba dancing and lots of colorful acts when the Copenhagen Carnival hits the streets.

Moesgaard Viking Moot "“ July 28-29. Warriors from the whole of Europe come to Moesgaard near the city of Aarhus during this weekend and more than 20.000 people from the city of Aarhus come to watch their fights.  Moesgaard Viking Moot is also Denmark’s – maybe even the World's – oldest Viking market.

World Santa Claus Congress "“ July 23-25. The annual congress is a chance to put on that hot, itchy red outfit in the middle of the summer.  The ho-ho-hoedown has been a Danish staple for 55 years. Danish entertainer Professor Tribini created the Christmas in July tradition in 1957 when he invited Santas to help rekindle the holiday atmosphere during the summer.

Copenhagen Pride "“ August 15-19.
Copenhagen Pride is a weeklong festival celebrating Denmark's gay and lesbian community.  The festival culminates with a parade through the city.

Copenhagen Cooking – August 19"“September 4. Copenhagen will be alive and cooking with everything from the Nordic cuisine. Visit food expos and street kitchens, learn how to cook like a pro, or give your children control of the kitchen. Eat at some of the best Michelin starred restaurants in the world at a reduced price and experience how Copenhagen is Europe's new food heaven.

The European Medieval Festival – August 24 "“ 25. Each year during the last weekend in August, the streets of Horsens in Jutland are filled with sounds of cheerful buskers, snaps from crossbows, and merry medieval music, when the European Medieval Festival conquers the streets along with its 100.000 visitors from around the world.

Aarhus Festival Week "“ August 31"“September 9. The Aarhus Festival is among the largest cultural events in Scandinavia and showcases local, national and international music artists. The Aarhus Festival is highly esteemed and recognized both in Denmark and abroad.

Golden Days Historical Festival in Copenhagen – September. Each year Golden Days presents historical festival. The festival’s purpose is to enlighten, entertain and engage the residents of Copenhagen – and everyone else – in the city’s history. The festival’s profile ranges from popular to high culture, and the ambition is to offer sophisticated and innovative communication about the city’s history to everyone.

Ting Festival "“ Nordic Culture Festival "“ October/November 2012. Copenhagen is all about Nordic art and culture when the Nordic Council officially hands out this year’s cultural prizes. During 10 days the festival 'Ting' will feature 80 events with 100 musicians, food enthusiasts, performers, filmmakers and writers from all the Nordic countries. 'Ting' is short for 'Tingsted' meaning Moot which in the Viking age was a meeting spot and 'round table' when important issues needed to be discussed.

Halloween in the Tivoli Gardens Tivoli "“ October. Witches and spooks, fun and scary thrills. Halloween in the Tivoli Gardens will definitely be a 'frightening' experience.

Christmas in the Tivoli Gardens "“ November-December. Christmas in the Tivoli Gardens is offering loads of Christmas trees, presents, elves, stalls and magic. You will get the chance to meet Father Christmas, visit the many cosy Christmas stalls, see the pixies getting ready for Christmas Eve in Pixie Ville, hear Tivoli’s terrific Pixie Band and of course try out the rides!

Distortion "“ May 30"“June 3. Copenhagen Distortion – celebrating street life and club culture – is Old-Europe’s craziest annual party cavalcade, orchestrating 101+ parties in 101+ different locations with 101+ different hosts. The Distortion festival includes massive street parties celebrations free of charge, while the sun sets in spectacular Copenhagen locations.

Roskilde Festival – the Woodstock of Denmark "“ July 1-8. Roskilde Festival is the largest North European rock festival and has existed since 1971. Roskilde Festival is an annual week-long international music festival offering performances by some of the best and biggest rock stars in the world.

6 Days Cycling Race in Copenhagen "“ February 2-7. The 6-Days Cycling Race in Copenhagen 2012 will be a spectacular 50th anniversary. The very best track cyclists from around the world will be creating a fantastic, professional sports show. This traditional and popular event takes place at Ballerup Super Arena near Copenhagen.