CANCUN and RIVIERA MAYA, Mexico, Sept. 12, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)– Real Resorts is commemorating the significance of the Mayan belief in the importance of the year 2012 with a Mayan Cultural and Culinary Celebration from September 21 — December 21st at all four of its resorts in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

The festival is designed to commemorate the new Mayan Calendar. Beginning December 12th, the sun will adjust with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in approximately 26,000 years and on December 21st it will mark the end of the 13th Mayan Calendar which represents a 144,000-day cycle since the mythical Mayan day of creation. Although some initially interpreted this to be the “end of the world as we know it,” scholars see it as something more positive, the beginning of a new era ushering in a time of enlightenment and self-improvement. In honor of this Real Resorts is celebrating this extraordinary and fascinating culture.

Real Resorts Mayan Festival 2012 will take place once a week at all four Real Resorts: THE ROYAL Cancun and THE ROYAL Playa del Carmen, as well as the Gran Caribe Real Cancun and Gran Porto Real Playa del Carmen from 7 — 10 p.m. beginning September 21st through December 21st

During each Festival evening Real Resorts will share the history of the state of Quintana Roo which includes Cancun and the region popularly known as the Riviera Maya. This geographic area actually includes three different Mayan regions: Tulum, Akumal and Kohunlich. The culinary portion of the festival provides a gourmet taste of flavors and cultural samplings from each of the regions.

The tasting menus include:

Tulum Tastings:
—  Ak`Che eggplant rolls
Filled with goat cheese, fine herbs and a splash of white wine
—  Extravagant Prosciutto
Wrapped in thinly sliced carrots with a touch of honey
—  Isla Blanca Cucumber Rolls
Filled with surimi and finely chopped olives with a splash of dill oil
—  Deer al Tzic
Deer meat cooked with regional vegetables
—  Ticuleno Chicken Filet
With a cilantro based sauce and cumin
—  Poc- Chuc
Malpaso seasoned with saltwater and fine herbs
—  Fabada Chilam Balam
Beans, sausage, prosciutto and bacon
—  Traditional Lime soup
Corn, chick peas, black annatto pesto and small pieces of goat cheese

Akumal Tastings:
—  Traditional Panuchos
A green chili tortilla topped with a bean puree, marinated octopus and a touch of cilantro
—  Salbute de Bacalar
A tomato based tortilla with white beans and spicy cilantro cod
—  White Clams
Flavored with chaya, a touch of Pernod and powered with shitake mushrooms
—  Silver Fish Tostados
Layered over a fried squash stem with chili guajillo oil
—  Veal Filet al Axiote
With a black truffle aroma and a touch of rosemary spice
—  Lamb Kibis
Ground lamb with peppermint and a hint of chili habanero (mildly spicy)
—   * Surimi Mussels from Puerto Juarez
Chipotle empanadas with a spicy yellow curry

Kohunlich Tastings:
—  Salmon Tart
On a rye bread with sour pickles and parsley
—  Provencal Mussels
A mix of wheat bread with parmesan cheese, soaked peppermint and marinated in olive oil
—  Fine herb Cheese
Served over potato medallions, roasted with rosemary oil
—  Chili Cheese with Green Olives
Accompanied by small pieces of yellow melon with spicy mustard
—  Salmon Filet sealed with Chaya and Cumin
Mixed with Port Salut cheese and black cherries
—  Fresh Lime Duck Breast
Cooked in a truffle oil and sun dried tomatoes al dente
—  Roasted Pork Pizza
With rice flour, quinoa grain and sweet bell peppers
—  Chemita Cod Fritters
With dried mushrooms accompanied with homemade colored tortillas

Resort guests are invited to participate in the Mayan Culinary Festival as part of their all-inclusive stay during the participating dates. “We are proud to share our important Mayan culture and cuisine with our guests during this significant year,” said Fernando Garcia, General Manager, Real Resorts. “It is truly something our entire staff is embracing, especially as so many of our staff proudly trace their heritage to the Mayans,” added Garcia.

In addition, guests at THE ROYAL Cancun and THE ROYAL Playa del Carmen can add THE ROYAL Mayan Ultimate SPA Ritual to their stay now through December 22, 2012. This four day SPAzul program is priced at an additional $599 per person and may be added to any resort stay.

This unique SPA experience is overseen by the Resorts’ trained Mayan Shaman and the expert staff at SPAzul. Over each of the four days guests will embark on a journey of relaxation and renewal. Including:

—  A guided ‘Ludic Circuit’ of hydrotherapy and aromatherapy followed by a Temezccal (Mayan Sweat Lodge experience) and a massage.
—  A Mayan foot ritual that includes hibiscus flower exfoliation and a Mayan chickxulub mud wrap with banana leaves, followed by a Mayan Detox Massage.
—  A Therapeutic Mayan Massage and an organic Mayan facial.
—  A Divine Bath in the Ludic Circuit and a massage with honey and music therapy.

Reservations at all Real Resorts can be booked through a travel agent or online at