The most important tourism event of the year reaches 95% capacity as it continues to prepare for its first edition.

Mexico City, Mexico (August 27, 2010) "“ The Mexico City Ministry of Tourism is excited to welcome the first ever International Tourism Fair of the Americas, FITA, taking place from September 23rd through 26th in the 349,000-square-foot Bancomer Expo Center Santa Fe in Mexico City.

FITA 2010 will also coincide with the Bicentennial celebration of Mexico’s Independence and the Centennial celebration of the Mexican Revolution, making it an outstanding opportunity to host such an important event.

FITA will also help reinforce Mexico City as a premiere travel destination. “We asked the World Travel Organization for strategy for how we can make Mexico City much better known as a destination, and the WTO had several conclusions,” said Juan Carlos Arnau, manager of strategic projects for the Mexico City Tourism Board. “The main recommendation was to organize a world-class event, a very powerful event to make Mexico City important as a destination.”

Mexico City's Ministry of Tourism plans to make FITA an annual event that will gather a selected group of exhibitors from all over the world, as well as professionals within the national and international tourism sector, in an effort to promote the destinations and products of the tourism industry.

About FITA 2010
FITA 2010 is a tourism industry fair that focuses on the promotion and commercialization of products, services and travel destinations- with its main goal of generating new Business developments and investments within one of the largest cities in the world: Mexico City.

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