MEXICO CITY, September 16, 2010 "“ Mexico's joyous Bicentennial celebration was an enormous success as tens of thousands of Mexicans took to the streets wearing their best red, white and green. The pride was palpable as President Felipe Calderon took to Mexico City's National Palace overlooking the Zocalo to deliver "El Grito" and ring the historic liberty bell once rung by "the father of the nation," Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. "El Grito" was heard around the country as state governors and city mayors also recreated the famous call to arms that sparked Mexico's independence movement.

Following "El Grito" in Mexico City, red, white and green fireworks illuminated the sky as shouts of "Viva Mexico!" resonated throughout the country's capital. Prior to the highly anticipated appearance by President Calderon, thousands of Mexico City residents gathered alongside the famous Reforma Avenue for a festive parade, including 250 teenagers carrying replicas of native cacti on their heads and several marchers carrying helium-filled depictions of Mayan gods behind a replica of a rebel soldier. Other celebrations throughout the country, although smaller in scale, were no less exuberant, as Mexicans of every state celebrated with fireworks, mariachi music and plenty of Mexican flags.

Other Mexico City festivities took place at El Angel de la Independencia (The Angel of Independence), a victory column located on Paseo de la Reforma and erected during Mexico's centennial independence celebration in 1910. The government also put together an open-air philharmonic orchestra to promote the serious side of the occasion.

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