Dubai is one of those odd places that I want to see to believe. This release comes from the Dubai newsletter and talks about a new hotel that is both green and budget in Dubai. Both are hard to believe in the land of opulance. It also shows how green policy in tourism has taken off globally. If any one gets to Dubai for the 2009 opening, let me know.
ITKT Editor

Ecos Hotels, the Middle East's first environment-friendly budget brand, has just signed a deal to manage a new property in Dubailand.

Ecos is offering a new perspective in the budget segment with a lot of focus on technology and design. Ralph Noblet, director of Ecos Hotels, said: "Ecos Hotels is designed to lead the way in demonstrating that ecological can be economical."

Ecos Dubailand will feature 234 rooms and is expected to be ready by 2009. Noblet said, "Our site is located within one of the three tower cluster nodes at Dubailand residence complex, each supported with community and neighbourhood facilities and plenty of open spaces. All rooms will be oriented inwards facing the green heart, which would offer not only protection from any kind of noise and harsh sun but also privacy and comfort."