More things to see and do while visiting Ishikawa, Japan.

Hyakumangoku Festival
Ever attended a parade where you can see lion dances (shishimai), firemen performing acrobatic tricks, and the grand entrance of an ancient feudal
lord? Barnum and Bailey it isn’t. Every year on the second Saturday of June, the Hyakumangoku parade launches Kanazawa’s most famous summer festival, commemorating (and reenacting) the glorious arrival of Lord Maeda, the first ruler of the historic Kaga dynasty. A famous actor in
Japan is ususally invited to play the role of Maeda, and the entire spectacle is concluded by a torch-lit Noh performance. Apart from the
parade, the mid-summer event offers the delights of any Japanese festival from floating lanterns on Asanogawa (“River of dawn”) to public tea
ceremonies, food booths, and a local beauty contest.

21st Century of Museum of Modern Art
Fitting with its name, the 21st Century Art Museum in Kanazawa is an “unforgettable aesthetic world.” Departing from what it views as the three 20th century art concepts (“man,” “money,” and “materialism”), the museum is built on the 21st century art concepts of “consciousness,” “collectiveness,” and “creativity.” Indeed, everything in the museum reflects deliberation and inclusiveness?from its diversity of collections and instillations to its circular architecture, “leaving it free to be explored from all directions.” Walking through the open sunlit spaces of this modern building, the visitor will find Western and Japanese artists alike. Enjoy Andy Warhol's Diamond Dust Shoes or explore Kenji Yanobe's enormous oceanographicTanking Machine. Browse the collections online at to see the sheer variety of works, ranging from elegant and muted paintings to stunning and bizarre energy-powered installations.

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