Diverse exhibitions, a regional event that opens artists' studios to curious visitors, a new hotel, and a huge EuroPride event are among the new tourism related developments in Sweden for 2008.

Those with a gourmet palate as well as connoisseurs of fine wine will find the concurrent GastroNord and Vinordic fairs at the Stockholm International Fairs exposition center of great interest. GastroNord, April 22-25, 2008 is Scandinavia's largest fair with products and services for catering, hotels, restaurants. Vinordic, April 23-26, 2008 is Scandinavia's largest fair with beer, wine, cider and spirits. The co-operative fairs underscore Stockholm's prominence in culinary innovation and excellence. Among the more visionary exhibits will be "Restaurant of the Future" which melds technology and design for greater efficiency. There will also be a "gastronomic meeting place" for exchanges and learning more about new culinary concepts and advances.

"Discover Sweden "“ Welcome to My Home Country" at House of Sweden in the Swedish Embassy in Washington, D.C. will surely inspire travelers to visit with its cultural emersion into things Swedish. The exhibition, which runs from March 26- May 25, 2008, is designed to educate potential travelers about the progressive nature of this Scandinavian country that nurtures a sophisticated culture and values openness and honesty. The exhibit will also serve as a platform for events and meetings that highlight Sweden-USA relations.

Sweden's countryside is packed with charms and the southern region of Skåne offers a very special event each spring. During Easter week artists open up their studios to the public as part of the Open Studio program. Visitors are invited into the working quarters of sculptors, painters, textile artists, glassblowers, silversmiths, ceramic artists, printmakers, handcrafts men, wood and computer artists to see how they live and work. There are five different circuits. Additionally there is a special collection on exhibit at the Tjornedalagarden Farm Art Gallery. The sponsoring society, ÖSKG has today over 150 members, and arranges many artistic exhibitions.

EuroPride 2008 will turn Stockholm all colors of the rainbow from July 25 "“ August 3, 2008 to celebrate the lives of homosexuals, bisexual and transgender people. The theme for next year's citywide festival is "Swedish Sin Breaking Borders." The capital is built on 14 islands that are crisscrossed by bridges. It offers a wide array of world class attractions, restaurants and great shopping for EuroPride participants. Among one of the über desirable districts to explore is Södermalm Island, with its live music scene, cool clubs and trendy inhabitants.

In January 2008 phase one (58 rooms) of the 102-room Hotel Stureplan will open in city center Stockholm. Phase two (44 rooms) will open in June. The 1899 building is being transformed in this stylish hotel that touts elegance and intimacy with classic service. All rooms will have the latest in entertainment and internet facilities as well as in-room fitness equipment. The Stureplan's "in the know" concierge and its 24-hour room service are among its accommodating amenities. The interior décor will feature reupholstered 17th century chairs and furniture that is hand built and hand painted in Sweden.

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