One year and counting before the 2008 Olympics, China readies for the world's attention. In addition to the elite athletes, some of the world's most remarkable golf courses also are going on display.

The countdown is on in Tiananmen Square, just as it is throughout China, as the nation of 1.32 billion people and an 11 percent annual growth rate prepare to host the 2008 Olympics.

In addition to the athletes and the burgeoning economy, golf will also be on center stage.

China's remarkable transformation includes the introduction of equally remarkable golf. More than 200 courses have opened in the past 20 years, two-thirds of them in the last 10, with many created by the game's leading architects and players who were given astounding resources to make a statement.

Acknowledging the widespread interest in China as a business center and leisure destination, PerryGolf, a golf and lifestyle travel company, has added China to its list of worldwide golf destinations.

Thousands of American tourists who will travel to China for the Olympics will bring their golf clubs. Most will not know what to expect. Gordon Dalgleish, one of the travel industry's most respected observers of trends, is a great source to discuss the distinctive qualities and appeal of golf in China.

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