Miami, Fl., July 13, 2011 "“ Whether you are passionate about gourmet food and drinks, an amateur cook or professional in the industry; you are invited to Panama City from September 1 to 3. In those three days, the capital of Panama will host the international expo Panama Gastronomica 2011, a world-class event where the most important food and drinks in the region will be promoted, while attendees will have the opportunity to learn, experience and enjoy the latest trends in gastronomy.

Renowned chefs from around the world will attend this event which, in its first edition, will have the United Stated as the guest country; along with Chiriquí, the country's most productive region, which will be the guest province.

The event will also host a Gastronomic Conference where participants may exchange knowledge and ideas. Among the confirmed presenters are renowned chefs from Panama and the United States, including Ecuadorian-American, Jose Garces -one of the six prestigious winners of Iron Chef-, Chef Wilo Benett from from San Juan, Puerto Rico as well as Brad Farmerie, Laurent Tourondel and Maricel Presilla from the US, along with other personalities from the culinary world.

The attendees of Panama Gastronomica 2011 will enjoy an exhibition showcasing top quality products from the country and from around the world. Here, The Wine Route will make its debut; where the lovers of this alcoholic beverage will have the opportunity to taste a wide array of varietals, as well as participate in tastings and food pairings especially prepared by these prestigious local chefs.

Visit Panama's "Gourmet Cup," is another event that will be held within Panama Gastronomica 2011 to allow teams integrated by students from different countries to compete in a culinary contest.

Because of its strategic geographic location, Panama has always been a country with rich and unique culinary traditions that link the Creole heritage with the unique flavors and rituals from the country's native cultures. Panama's cuisine caters to all tastes with its large production of fish and seafood, coffee that is traded throughout the world, renowned rum and specially beers with an internationally recognized quality.

Panama Gastronomica 2011 is a reflection of the country's growth in the culinary scene.  With more than six culinary schools, new luxury hotels opening in the upcoming months and world-renowned chefs launching new restaurants, Panama is becoming the newest stop on every foodies' travel list.