Encino, CA, June, 2011— SITA World Tours has been operating tours to Egypt and the Middle East since its inception in 1933. Although the unrest in Egypt impacted travel for a short time, tourists have begun pouring back into this land of excitement and adventure at a rapid clip. SITA's representative office in Cairo and all its local guides and representatives have resumed all services with business as usual.

Until September 30, 2011, SITA is offering its clients greatly reduced pricing for select Egypt departures. For example, "Best of Egypt" is now at a price point of only $1999, which is a savings of over $425. SITA's "Pyramids & Palaces" tour also has similar savings.

Here are some comments from Americans who have traveled to Egypt after the January 25th revolution. The endorsements reflect the company's assessment that this is an excellent time to visit Egypt.

"¢ "…More Americans should take advantage of it. The prices will never be so good and the lines will never be so short. If anyone has ever dreamed of visiting Egypt as I always had, NOW is definitely the time to go!…"

"¢ "…Thank you all for assisting me in making a right decision about this trip. We had a fabulous time…"

"¢ "…We had an extraordinary family vacation…"

"¢ "…We saw an incredible amount of Egypt. The number of temples was more than I imagined and they were all unbelievable in their size, detail and condition (after 3000+ years)…"

SITA is optimistic about the resumption of travel to Egypt and provides pertinent updates to their travel partners and clients. Roger Mahil, Chairman and CEO of SITA World Tours states, "Now is an ideal time to visit Egypt. The lines are short, the atmosphere is great, and the rates are unbeatable. It would be a good decision to visit during this exciting time of revival." SITA looks forward to working with all of their travel partners in the trade to address and fully satisfy their clients' individual needs in regards to travel to Egypt.