Many visitors coming to Miami don’t even realize that there is a river. It’s there all right and an important waterway, coming from the Everglades and flowing into Biscayne Bay. Much care is taken by the authorities to keep pollution at bay, which is one of the reasons, that the river is home to a lot of manatees (‘sea cows’ to non-Floridians). Now, they are migrating up-river to escape the dangers of pleasure boat traffic during the tourist season as well as the growing shark population which in turn migrate to warmer waters of the Caribbean.

Take a walk along the River Walk next to the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Miami and you can watch entire manatee families, with the babies often riding lazily on their mum’s back.

Truly spectacular, however, is the way how container ships are maneuvered along by tug boats. Bridges open to let them through, road and pedestrian traffic grounds to a halt and one can’t help but thinking every time, how will they manage that tight squeeze? But they do.