Guaranteed St Andrews Old Course Tee Times

Best of Scotland Holidays is allocated a number of tee-times on the Old Course each year and this means we can offer golf packages to include a guaranteed time over the Old Course. We have sold all our allocated tee-times for 2007 but we can still put your name in the ballot and hopefully you will be successful in getting a tee-time over the Old Course.

Listed below are some of our 2008 guaranteed tee-times. They must be part of a minimum 7 night golfing package to include other golf, hotels, transportation etc., that we arrange for you. As part of our guaranteed tee-times you must take another St.Andrews course and the time and course are detailed below.


Date Course Times

17 June Jubilee 11.20 SOLD

18 June Old Course 07.50 SOLD

22 June New 12.24

23 June Old Course 12.00

10 July Jubilee 13.04 SOLD

11 July Old Course 11.10 SOLD

20 July Jubilee 12.08

21 July Old course 12.00

24 July New 11.44

25 July Old course 11.50

05 Aug New 11.20 SOLD

06 Aug Old Course 07.50 SOLD


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