St. Lucia

Somewhere in downtown Castries

St. Lucia travel stories

St. Lucia’s La Haut Plantation: Part II

After breakfast the mistiness persisted as I read my book. I was distracted only by the hummingbirds frolicking in the bougainvilleas and by the happy chattering of the room maids. The manager offered me the services of the plantation driver to get me to the airport,...

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St. Lucia’s La Haut Plantation: Part I

The road curved up and over the forested mountain sides. Heavy rain, pot holes, and a complete lack of lighting meant the night time journey of 40km from the airport to La Haut plantation lasted 1.5 hours. I was in St. Lucia, but my suitcase was still in Barbados....

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ITKT and 9rules

For those who don't know, 9rules is a social networking site that brings together the best of independent blogs, writing and readers on the Internet. While definitely not a travel site (at the moment I think there are only two in their travel section), 9rules had...

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Zip Lining in St. Lucia (video podcast)

Devin catches up with Lorine of St. Lucia Tourism to discuss culture, food, helicopter rides around the island, canopy tours, zip lining, and ponders Shirley's Place in Downtown Castries, the inspiration of In The Know Traveler. This is part of our on-going series...

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An Ode to Shirley of St. Lucia

The Inspiration for In The Know Traveler The St. Lucia Surprise St. Lucia was a long way from home and featured a long lay-over in Montego Bay before a winding two-hour bus ride through tropical rainforests and banana trees to the northern part of the island and our...

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