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The St. Lucia Surprise

St. Lucia was a long way from home and featured a long lay-over in Montego Bay before a winding two-hour bus ride through tropical rainforests and banana trees to the northern part of the island and our destination. It was about a twenty-hour process from start to finish. However, my stay at Sandals was wonderful. Our suite sat on a bluff overlooking elegant palm trees and a peaceful Atlantic Ocean. Balmy breezes swept passed my bare feet while I sipped tropical drinks, the kind with a pineapple wedge. Later, I ate delicious chocolate-filled crepes, lobster and steak, had a great massage, and then ate more chocolate-filled crepes. However my favorite part of my St. Lucia trip was the visit to the marketplace in downtown Castries.

I walked through a sea of people at the crowded market and saw rows of women wearing colorful sundresses that waved from a gentle wind. Many wielded machetes against defenseless coconuts for the thirsty passerby. Some sold fresh vegetables, meats and honey. Some sold trinkets. We were the only white faces amid a sea of natives going about their daily lives when I heard a call from behind me, "Come on baby, you look hungry." I turned around and saw a woman pointing at me from inside the market that held a long row of little eateries. I sheepishly pointed toward myself while looking around for the real object of her intention. She pointed right at me, "That's right baby, you look like you could use some good home cooking. She came out of her kitchen and took me by the hand and brought me back into her stall. In her kitchen, giant pots bubbled over on the stove and she sat me down on a rickety three-legged stool at the kitchen table. "Now what can ol' Shirley get you?" She smiled warmly and began to run down some of her samplings. I interrupted, "I'll take a little of everything," I told her. After all, I can't say was familiar with traditional St. Lucian cuisine. Shirley cocked her head slightly and nodded, "Oh honey, I like that."

Humanity Piled High

She filled my plate higher than I could have ever imagined eating and then she sat down with me and talked about St. Lucia, the U.S. and then family. We had a lot in common.

Upon my return to the States, I spoke with my editor and eventually wrote a nice story about the Sandals Resort and its chocolate crepes. Sadly, Shirley would only be a dinner party tale like many other memorable people and moments that never found their proper audience.

Telling Real Travel Stories

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There is lots of world to explore; we sincerely hope you do it with us — and have lunch with Shirley at booth twenty in St. Lucia when you have a chance.

Written by Devin Galaudet

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