Courtesy of The VenetianAhhh, Vegas, the one spot left on earth where anything is still possible and anything can happen. However the amount of activities one can get into capable of making your mother proud is usually countable on two hands. (OK, it's actually one hand, but I love Vegas too much to ever give her a real black eye:)

For all those quick to call out the Strip as being devoid of culture, enter the cure for the common toll from neon over stimulation, the Venetian's new Guggenheim exhibit.
That's right now not only does the Venetian offer some of the finest in accommodations, dining and entertainment , but their new gallery showing flexes the organ usually the most neglected in Vegas, the mind.

Trust me, I'm usually as guilty as everyone else, during my Vegas trips, but the Guggenheim exhibit offers a fantastic respite from the usual fare offered on the Strip. My excursion to the exhibit took place on a beautiful Sunday a few weeks ago.

Sunday visits at the Venetian is always busy, with a variety of worldly characters parading the lobby like a catwalk in Milan. The hustle and bustle of those checking in and out, the "ca-ching" of the slot machines, the calls at the tables, and the sound of music in the distance. The energy intensity is palatable and calls in every direction at once, but before I followed the call into the land of the town that hasn't slept since it's had electricity, I spotted the opening to the foyer of the exhibit.

Photo: David Heald  @ SRGF, NY.Suddenly I was whisked away to an area far, far away from the intensity of the Strip. The Venetian managed to submerge both my self into a Zen like environment perfect for taking in art. The only sound in the gallery was the gentle patter of quietly shuffling feet as people went from painting to painting.

For those unfamiliar with the art world, the Venetian makes it easy to enjoy the exhibit by providing a breakdown of all the sections of the exhibit. The Guggenheim exhibit gives a background as to when each art movement occurred and what inspired the change in the artists at the time.

The Venetian also provides the latest in museum technology allowing visitors to be personally attended to by the interactive curator system. This device allows learning information about certain pieces by standing in close proximity to the painting. This is a great way to learn more without relying on following a guide and allowed me to proceed at my own pace while wandering through the masters, such as Van Gogh and Picasso.

The exhibit brings together the works of different masters of different eras in a wonderful manner in which it is easy to digest whole manners and styles of particular periods without making one overwhelmed.

This presents the perfect opportunity for those who have always wanted to learn more about why some names are synopsis with the beauty in the art world without felling like gaining that knowledge is unattainable. For so many who would like to learn more the Venetian is the right manner to get one's feet wet with some of the greatest pieces in the world. The Guggenheim also offers a wonderful break from the normal high energy displays usually associated with Las Vegas.

Thanks to both the Venetian and the Guggenheim, a trip to Vegas doesn't always mean an opportunity to lose your mind, the Venetian exhibit is one of the first on the Strip to actually help expand it!

Written by Neftalie Williams
Photo of the Guggenheim by David Heald @ SRGF, NY. The Photo of the Venetian courtesy of The Venetian

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