New York – May 1, 2007: A snapshot of this year’s 46th annual Israel Festival of music and performing arts reveals a multicultural banquet of dance, opera, classical, contemporary, jazz and world music and theater in Jerusalem, Holon, Haifa, and Tel Aviv.

Israeli actors, dancers and musicians will perform, joined by exciting artists from Australia, Switzerland, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Germany, Austria, France, England, Holland, Russia and Spain – all convene in cultural harmony … and for the purpose of pure pleasure.

The opening performance on May 25 in Jerusalem will feature seventy “flying” acrobats and dancers in the folkloric “Circus of Wan” from China.

Other highlights include:
“Tendo” – a seamless blend of Western a traditional African tribal dance, the creative result of collaboration between a Dutch choreographer and dancers from Burkina Faso in Africa.

Two choreographers, one Tunisian and one French, will present a dance interpretation of sexual issues in Moslem culture via their Kan International Choreography Center.

A cutting edge audio-visual production called “Music” will be shown in Sherover Theater in Jerusalem.

A Swiss theater group will introduce an artistic new language in “The Chirigaki,” a performance with text by Gertrude Stein and music by the Beach Boys performed by Japanese, Swedish and Canadian actresses, dancers, and singers.

A comedic tale of horror about an elderly vampire and his son is told by Dutchman Neville Tratner’s eight life-sized puppets in an adult-oriented show.

The Austrian choir will perform together with the Jerusalem Symphony in a concert dedicated to Mozart’s three great liturgical works: the Requiem, the Mass in D Minor and the Coronation Mass.

The spotlight on Israeli jazz, world music and rock will highlight year three saxophone players, Albert Bagar’s modern jazz; Daniel Zamir’s “Jewish” jazz; and Eli Banaki and Yair Dallal’s unique Middle Eastern jazz.
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