The rain came down in torrents that I want to describe as mythical, but I will just call it buckets. Lightning flashed and for a few moments the jungle wildlife hushed under the will of Mother Nature.

I was again stranded in the rain in Costa Rica, this time on horseback. “Chocolate,” my trusty steed spoke no English so all my “Giddyups” and “Would you freaking move” fell upon native speaking ears. Chocolate was more interested in grazing than getting a drenched gringo out of the rain. I hopelessly bounced and shifted in my saddle hoping to get my horse moving.

I eventually yelled, “Vamos” and Chocolate took off in full-blown saunter, but it was at least an improvement to standing in the rain.

Upon returning to my room, I found my camera weathered the experience to capture a gorgeous sunset — before the rain fell in Costa Rica.

Photo by Tim Williamson