On his recently released album Thirty-One Nights flautist and composer extraordinaire Nicholas Gunn weaves a musical story of love, passion, romance, and adventure. The instrumental album featuring Nicholas Gunn on flute and percussion, Chris Fossek on flamenco guitar, and Dana Kemmerle on spoken word vocals tells the story of thirty one nights Nicholas spent in Mexico exploring the vibrant cities, jungles, Mayan ruins, white sand beaches, and aqua blue waters of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The musicianship of both Mr. Gunn on flute and Chris Fossek on guitar is to be admired but the beauty of the playing on this album is that they leave the musical egos at the door. The melodies, chords, and percussion throughout the entire album take center stage and take us on a magical and hypnotic journey through the jungles of Mexico. The spoken word vocals of Mrs. Dana Kemmerle give a certain sensuality to the music without getting in the way of the performances of the musicians.

Each song on the album relates to some experience Nicholas had while in Mexico. In reference to the song from water to wind says Nicholas "We sought freedom! We sought the water on our skin and the wind through our hair, dropping in at the best beach spots around the island. Going from water to wind all day was invigorating! We also stopped in for a Tequila tasting at the local tequila ranch"”now that was a great idea!"

Nicholas Gunn, Chris Fossek, Dana Kemmerle, flute, flamenco guitar, spoken word, classical music, jazz, ambient music, Mexico, Yucatan Penninsula

photo of Nicholas Gunn, Chris Fossek, and Dana Kemmerle from the album Thirty-One Nights

Thirty-One Nights

is the perfect soundtrack for kicking back at the beach, putting your headphones on and chilling out with a frosty drink in your hand and a lover by your side. It's also the perfect album for just relaxing and losing yourself in the music. The music paints a picture of sunny beaches, deep jungles, and romantic evenings. While Mr. Gunn's albums generally fall under the World/New age categories you could easily add Ambient/Jazz/Classical to the list. It's really difficult to call this one style or another because it encompasses so many. The soothing sounds of the flute supported so perfectly by the flamenco guitar, tasteful yet simple percussion, and sensuous vocals make this album a sweet mix of great musicianship hand and hand with great songs and musical atmosphere.
"I wondered and I sought to calm my mind. I pondered love. Love for my music, my love for her, her love for me, love for my family and friends, universal love. Love is all that matters. It is out of love that I give this musical gift to you, a soundtrack for your own inspired path."

"“ Nicholas Gunn

Aime Caron is a composer/musician currently living in Los Angeles, CA. He was born and raised in Taunton, MA and received his bachelors degree in Contemporary Writing and Production from the Berklee College of Music in Boston MA. He is a multi-instrumentalist and his main instruments are piano, guitar, and flute. He has a particular fondness for World Music though anything with a good groove and unique harmony/melody interests him the most. Mr. Caron has spent extensive time in the Caribbean nation of St Kitts and Moscow Russia where he was exposed to a diverse vocabulary of music from around the globe, like music by Nicolas Gunn.