I just answered a forum questions that made sense to include at ITKT. What do people do to find summer travel jobs? Fortunately, I have long since moved on from the vagabond travel days, preferring cloth napkins at dinner and chocolates placed on a freshly turned-down bed to rummaging for loose change for a tin of sardines. I look back with great fondness.

Here is a short list of things I and friends have done at one time or another to extend a trip when out in a foreign town I could not pronounce.

Write travel articles

No, don’t send your articles off to Conde Nast just yet. And no, this one is less a summer job than it is a compulsion. Travel Writing is an art with many wanting to take advantage of its occasional perks, but few willing to put in the time to do it well. However, for those who are interested, check out In The Know Traveler’s Submission Guidelines for a taste of what most magazines will expect.

Work in a youth hostel
This job is not all that’s its cracked up to be. However, the transient nature of backpacking and those who work at youth hostels makes this a perfect option for someone bouncing around for an extended period of time, but wants to stop to rest and save a few bucks. Expect little pay, and a few chores to do around the house. Cleaning up after drunken hostel guests will forever change the way you treat those who are stuck cleaning up after you.

Teach English

I think everyone I have known has done this once. This is a great option for those outside of Western Europe and Oceania.

Work on a cruise ship
The money is mediocre, but numerous ports of call will have workers seeing loads of international destinations.

Honorable mentions
Work at an all-inclusive (think Club Med) or hotel abroad.

None of these things will make you wealthy, but will afford you the prospect of traveling/living abroad inexpensively. They will also require your initiative.

Written by Devin Galaudet

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