Asia Transpacific Journeys Is Wise in Ways Of Welcoming Guests Traveling Solo in Small Groups

Noah's Ark is to blame. The concept of couples seems seared into our genetic coding. But sometimes folks who are single want to take that exotic journey even though they can't find someone to travel with.

Asia Transpacific Journeys, an award-winning US-based Asia travel and tour operator, suggests that solo travelers join a small group tour.

"Traveling on a group program can provide another layer of support and assistance for all travelers, but for those going solo it also means joining others with whom you have a lot in common right off the bat" says Marilyn Downing Staff, Founder and President.

Transpacific Journeys has been refining its small group and custom itineraries for over two decades to assure that everyone, single or coupled, feels comfortable in exotic environments.

While Downing Staff believes that joining a group trip can be a smart idea for the solo traveler, she suggests considering the following:

Destinations that are more off the beaten path can work better in a small group program, where logistics and language barriers can be daunting to the solo traveler.

"¢ Visiting large, expansive countries such as China, India and Mongolia"”with cross-country flight travel"”can sometimes be easier with a group than trying to book the same or similar trip on your own.

"¢ Groups often have a number of solo travelers; but don't assume this means they're single. Some may travel without their spouse, who, for example, may not like to travel as much, or they couldn't get their schedules to mesh.

"¢ The camaraderie and support of a small group often facilitates wonderful exchanges, both within the group members and with the locals themselves.

Asia Transpacific Journeys offers a 2008 roster of scheduled small group departures and custom itineraries to 20 countries throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim.

About Asia Transpacific Journeys
Asia Transpacific Journeys is a Boulder, Colorado-based tour operator specializing in custom journeys and small group trips to Asia and the Pacific region since 1987. Outstanding service, long-standing connections in Asia and deeply insightful cultural interpretation make them the operator of choice for the American Museum of Natural History, The Harvard and Yale alumni associations, the World Wildlife Fund, and discerning individuals, their families and friends.

Asia Transpacific Journeys is the recipient of three "Top Travel Specialists" awards for 2007 from Condé Nast Traveler magazine. In 2007 it was also honored as a "World's Best Tour Operator" by National Geographic Adventure.

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