– From a spacious farmhouse in Tuscany, to a sunlit home on the Amalfi Coast, travelers should take note of a few tips before renting any villa in Italy

SCITUATE, Mass."” Renting a villa in Italy? If you are among those who are intrigued by the possibilities, you've probably checked out the villa listings on the Web. The villa industry evolved dramatically over the past five years, resulting in an explosion of properties posted on the Web. Consequently, many travelers are finding it harder than ever to decipher the best from the rest.
The reality of planning a villa vacation is that it requires much more time and energy than booking a few nights at a hotel or arranging a week at a resort. It takes insight into the area, attention to detail, a network of resources at home and abroad, and a skilled staff to communicate with foreign homeowners and work out the logistics.
The top ten tips below can help travelers choose the right villa rental agent, select a suitable home for their group, and plan a villa vacation that takes into account varying ages and interests.
"¢ Work with an agent who deals directly with the homeowner rather than through multiple agents (i.e., multiple markups).
"¢ Find out if the agent is personally familiar with the area, as well as when the last time he or she visited the properties.
"¢ Give serious consideration to location, and ask about any surprises to be aware of pertaining to location and accessibility. For example, how far you are willing to drive down a dirt road at night?
"¢ Inquire about local celebrations and holidays that could affect your ability to get around and enjoy local points of interest.
"¢ If you are traveling with children or older parents, ask about the layout and amenities of the home, and consider potential complications.
"¢ Ask about the landscape, decor and features of the villa to ensure they suit your party.
"¢ If you don't speak Italian, verify that you have English-speaking assistance once in Italy.
"¢ Find out if they can arrange for you to speak with another guest who has used their services.
"¢ Be sure to ask about extra costs that may not be factored into the price.
"¢ Pay attention to every detail.

After selecting a villa rental agent and a home, make the most out of intelligence and insight of professional travel providers. The purpose of a good villa rental company is not only to serve as a matchmaker between travelers and owners of homes abroad, but also to provide valuable information and helps guests prepare for the ultimate vacation.
Crafting a memorable cultural experience that appeals to families and friends traveling together is an art that Homebase Abroad knows well. Now in its 12th season, this villa rental company set the standard with their extraordinary travel services and portfolio of homes, a distinctive mix of 40 of Italy's best houses.
The travel consultants share their extensive knowledge and expertise with each guest personally, offering advice and insight that the best guidebooks cannot provide. Homebase Abroad also publishes a Housebook® for each traveling party, an all-inclusive book tailored to each individual trip.
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