Emeryville, CA-January 11, 2006-Mountain Travel Sobek, North America’s premier adventure travel company, is widely known for their high-quality treks to destinations worldwide. And the African continent is no exception! This year, they added several new ways to explore this fascinating continent on foot: trek to the heights of Mount Kenya or Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains; or hike Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. The company continues to offer their popular Kilimanjaro trips and their walking safari along a wild remote river in Africa’s largest national park. These hiking and trekking adventures are sure to please any avid hiker!

Hiking Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains ~ Just Added!
Morocco is a great country for hiking (it’s not all desert), and this trip zeroes in on a fabulous trek through the remote M’Goun Valley, an oasis-like valley with cultivated crops, a string of Berber villages, and a backdrop of the snowcapped High Atlas Mountains. This is one of the most stunning areas in Morocco, with spectacular canyonlands and escarpments reminiscent of the American Southwest. The adventure is enhanced by in-depth visits to Fès and Marrakesh, whose grand walls, ornate gates, and striking mosques are testaments to an illustrious history.
· 14-day trip departs Jun 4, Sep 24, 2006. From $2790 per person (10-14 trip members).

Trekking Mount Kenya ~ New for 2006!
Mount Kenya, second highest mountain in Africa, has more wildlife, glaciers, lakes, and gorges than Kilimanjaro-and fewer people! You won’t tackle the actual summit (it requires considerable technical mountaineering skills), but the views from Point Lenana (16,355′)-the highest point accessible by hikers-are as breathtaking as any from the highest point of the mountain. Safaris in Shaba National Reserve, one of the most beautiful and remote parks in Kenya, and the Masai Mara, Africa’s premier game country, are added attractions.
· 14-day trip departs Jun 11, Jul 30, 2006. From $5590 per person (12-15 trip members), plus $600 park fees.

Trekking in the Simien Mountains ~ New for 2006!
One of the most spectacular hikes in the world is a trek in Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains, noted for their dizzying escarpments, mile-deep canyons, and mesmerizing ranks of peaks, mesas, and spires. The scenery is fantastic, like the Grand Canyon multiplied a thousand times over. This comprehensive trek includes a climb of Ras Dashen (15,159′), the highest peak in Ethiopia and the fourth highest on the African continent, and visits to Lake Tana, Tissisat Falls, Axum, Lalibela, and the historic castles and churches of Gonder, “Africa’s Camelot.”
· 16-day trip departs Oct 21, Nov 11, 2006. From $3290 per person (11-15 trip members), plus $250 internal airfare.

One of the best “ultimate challenges” in Mountain Travel Sobek’s repertoire is a trek to the “roof of Africa!” And they offer two great ways to do it:
Climb Kilimanjaro! A trek to the summit via one of the most scenic routes on the mountain, whose isolation, maximum time for acclimatization, and grandiose scenery, including stunning views of the mountain’s southern glaciers, ensure a rare adventure. A classic safari in Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti is included, though participants may choose to do a “climb-only” option.
· 16-day trip departs Feb 4, Feb 24, Mar 17, Jun 16, Jul 14, Aug 11, Sep 8, Sep 29, Nov 3, Dec 22, 2006. From $5190 per person (12-15 trip members), plus $1420 park fees, $165 internal airfare.

Kilimanjaro & Beyond. Go “beyond” an ascent to the summit of Kilimanjaro! From the excitement of a walking safari among the wild creatures of Africa in remote Tsavo National Park to the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro via the little touristed Rongai Route (which affords the most gradual ascent of the mountain), this grand safari will introduce you to the wilderness of Kenya in the best Mountain Travel Sobek tradition. A visit to Amboseli National Park is included, as well as a stay at a deluxe resort on the Indian Ocean coast.
· 15-day trip departs Feb 12, Mar 12, Jun 11, Jul 2, Aug 13, Sep 3, Oct 1, 2006. From $5190 per person (12-15 trip members), plus $1180 park fees.

The Great Walk of Africa
Revisit the Africa of the explorers! Join legendary safari guru Iain Allan, MTS’s “main man” in Kenya, for an exclusive 11-day, 110-mile game tracking walk across the ever-changing wilderness landscapes of Tsavo National Park, the largest national park in Africa. Tracking wild animals on foot, understanding their territory and habitats, and learning to recognize their presence from near and far is an extraordinary experience.
· 14-day trip departs Mar 12, Jun 4, Jun 25, Sep 24, Oct 16, 2006. From $5990 per person (6-8 trip members), plus $650 park fees, $260 internal airfare.

For more information, or to inquire about Mountain Travel Sobek’s exciting adventures, call 1-888-MTSOBEK (687-6235) or visit the website at www.mtsobek.com.

Known as the pioneer in adventure travel, Mountain Travel Sobek has been in operation since 1969 and has a well-deserved reputation for its high quality, innovative adventures to destinations the world over. Throughout the years, they have delighted in sharing with thousands of travelers their love of the outdoors and their passion for natural places and unique cultures. All Mountain Travel Sobek adventures feature top-notch trip leaders and distinctive itineraries for passionate travelers who want to explore remote corners of the world.

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