President: Zine El Abidine Ben Ali

Political System: Multiparty with elected parliament and president

Area: 162,155 sq km (63,328 square miles)

Population: 10.4 million inhabitants (2004 census)

Official Language: Arabic

Other languages spoken: French, English and Italian

Religion: Islam (99%) Small Christian and Jewish communities

Capital: Tunis, 1.8 million inhabitants including suburbs

Main cities: Sfax, Sousse , Bizerta, Nabeul , Kairouan, Jendouba, Beja, El Kef,

Currency: Tunisian Dinar (TD); 1 TD = 1,000 Millimes

Exchange rate: 1 TD ~ US$ 0.85

Per Capita Income: $5,200 (2004)

Natural Resources: Crude Oil, Phosphates, Iron Ore, Lead, Zinc, Salt

Growth Rate: 1.72% (1995)

Gross National Product: $19.049 billion (1996)

Climate: Mediterranean, 53ºF (12ºC) in winter, 85ºF (29ºC) in summer

Time zone: GMT + 1

National Holiday: March 20 (Independence Day)

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