Walking inside Waldorf Astoria Kuwait, smells of rose water and another floral scent I can’t make out fills the air while the impeccable and attentive staff greets guests. Walking through the lobby, the hotel has a calming effect, eliminating stress or worries one has. I first noticed the grandest black, shiny, and windy staircase and the iconic clock in the middle of the lobby.

I could not stop looking around to admire the decor and colors of sea blue and yellows surrounding the hotel. The dark blue cushioned chairs with a modern painting caught my attention near Peacock Alley. It could be because it was abstract, or the blue and yellow colors in the picture had a calming effect.

The Waldorf Astoria Kuwait has yet to leave any detail out, and the impeccable staff, rooms, food, and amenities make this hotel a must-stay when visiting Kuwait.


My double bedroom facing the skyscrapers was a nice touch. The bed and pillows were so soft that my body molded into it as soon as I got into bed, allowing me to have one of the best sleep I’ve had. It usually takes me a few days to sleep well because of the new surroundings, but this was not the case here. The ensuite bathroom has a tub, and the shower has a rain showerhead.

One can sit on the mustard-colored chairs or work at the desk. When walking inside, the modern painting with navy blue bird-like shapes and what I think looked like the moon’s shape in faded yellow above the bed caught my attention because it made me glance to try to decide what the painting was. The bonus was the piece of Godiva chocolate left at my bedside every night with slippers on the side of the bed.


The colors and sculptures represent Kuwait’s landmarks and history. Blue symbolizes the sea, and gold embodies the wealth of the country. Each floor has about 39 artworks, such as a painting with shades of light purple, navy blue, and ivory resembling circular shapes.

I enjoyed taking photos from different angles of the silver spiral sphere-like object dangling from the ninth to the fifth floor. The gold golf ball-sized atomic starburst placed next to a gold feather on a table at Peacock Alley also caught my attention. It could be the shape or the simplicity that made me look closer. Anywhere one turns around, something is striking that meets the eye.

The staff

The impeccable staff pays attention to detail. Whether it’s your personal concierge waiting for you at reception when arriving at the hotel to ensure you have an incredible stay or the friendly staff who warmly greet guests by their first name. The team always appears at the right moment and is two steps ahead of one’s needs. They go above and beyond to make sure visitors have an incredible stay. The approachable staff will eagerly converse and recommend everything from a good tea after dinner to help with digestion, such as mint.


A 24/7 gym is available and includes equipment such as rowing machines, ellipticals, and treadmills. There is a free weight-lifting area and weight machines. The five-star spa has a jacuzzi and treatments, including facials, hammams, and massages. One of my favorites was the pool area.

Four large palm trees on either side of the swimming pool make one feel secluded, and renting small or large cabanas is possible. Going for an early morning swim was an excellent way to start the day before breakfast. Having the place to myself, I enjoyed relaxing on my comfortable vivid-sky blue towel tucked under the cushion of the lounge chair with subtle light trickles from the water fountain in the distance and some relaxing spa-like piano music in the background. At night, the pool lights on the palm trees give this a fairy tale feeling.

Afternoon Tea

I learned that Peacock Alley was the bridge between the Waldorf and Astoria, so guests at both hotels could meet there. In Kuwait, this area is the bridge between the Waldorf Astoria and Avenues Mall because visitors can enter the hotel from the mall. Visitors can always come for afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea at Peacock Alley is exceptional and highly recommended. My treats were pink colored to honor breast cancer awareness month in October. My favorite was the puffed rice cake with raspberry mousse because it was light, decadent, and something I had never had before.

The Blue Aurora tea was my favorite because of the delicate oolong flavor and the lilac color. Immediately, one can smell the saffron from the Arabian Saffron chai pot before it reaches the cup. The hints of cinnamon and cardamom complement the tea. I spent nearly three hours at tea and could have sat in Peacock Alley for the rest of the evening. My favorite chair is the black wicker, whose back resembles peacock feathers.


Walking in for breakfast at Ava, one can find buffet-style food, including fruits, pastries, vegetable dumplings, and shakshouka. An Ala carte menu includes a variety of styles of eggs, and I recommend the eggs benedict – the perfect fluffiness of the egg white with the hollandaise sauce hit the spot. Make sure to stop at the honey corner to try six varieties. The cinnamon flavor was delicious.

The restaurant serves Mediterranean food for lunch and dinner. I enjoyed the Gamberi Caponata salad with a hot prawn on top of the eggplant, zucchini, and olives. My Mushroom Cappuccino soup hit the spot, and I thought it was creative that the truffle foam resembled a frothy cappuccino.

Two other restaurants include Oxio, outside at the pool serving Levantine cuisine and the Japanese restaurant Roka.

Guests will feel rejuvenated after staying at the Waldorf Astoria Kuwait. It was a fantastic stay, and I was impressed with the details, decor, staff, food, and ambiance. It is truly a one-of-a-kind hotel.

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Written by: Erin Coyle

 Coyle picture Traveling with friends, solo and in group tours, Erin has explored Southeast and South Asia, Oceania, Europe, the Middle East, East and South Africa. She is currently a freelance travel writer and ESL teacher living in Sur, Oman.

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