Hutzy Waterfall by Jason Fitzpatrick on In The Know TravelerLike the majority of the human race I live in an urban environment. This, of course, comes with a fair amount of stress and aggravation that adds a thick layer of plaque and grit on your soul. I have named this condition “city crust” Years ago I discovered a secret while backpacking in Glacier National Park, you can remove anywhere from two to four months of city crust by washing it off in a waterfall. Results vary depending upon the distance of the hike, the terrain surrounding the waterfall, and the water clarity. Be careful, don’t go trying to stick your head under Niagara falls the water pressure could severely injure you and there is a good chance you might drown yourself. Not to mention all of the touristy kitsch surrounding the area would severely limit the amount of crust that would be removed. You need to find a nice ten to twenty foot waterfall somewhere at least a mile or two away from its trail head. So Urbanites, open up a trail guide, find a nice waterfall off the beaten path, and get your head in there. Your soul will thank you.

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