What's New
We have included the entrance fee increase for all the excursions to Machu Picchu.

New tours in Lima and Cusco to offer a better experience. We can guarantee the departures of these outings and we know they will be a success as they are our new exclusive tours in Cusco.

New Tour in Lima "“ Islands of Lima
Daily at 08.00. At least 4 pax. Contact us for further information.

Few people know that in front of the coast of Lima, they are located the Palomino and Cabinza Ecological Reserve, where it is possible to see lots of sea lions, and sea birds, and have a close encounter with the surrounding nature. You will also see the Callao harbor, full of pirates histories and legends, and the Real Felipe which is one-in-a-kind fortress and one of the most important witness of the independence from the Spanish crown. This is an exiting tour full of history. Highly recommended.

Nuevo Tour in Cusco – Pisac, Inca and Colonial village
Daily departures only at 14.00.

Many tourists visit every day the Sacred Valley but few of them have the opportunity to discover and enjoy all the attractions it has to offer, that's why we offer you this tour to visit the colonial village of Pisac and the old Inca village located at the top of the mountain. This marvelous archeological site has not being much explored, but is an amazing way to enjoy the landscape and have an impressive view of the whole Valley. We will find a6 beautiful Inca square with an "Intihuatana" (sun clock) similar to the one located in Machu Picchu. The Intihuatana was used to keep the sun tied to the earth. To reach this place, we will do a soft trekking along 2km. We will also visit the famous market to do some shopping of handicrafts and roam around the streets of this picturesque town.

Nuevo Tour in Cusco – Ollantaytambo, Inca and Colonial village
Daily departures only at 14.00.

Among the archeological sites in Cusco, Ollantaytambo is one of the most important and impressive. But few people know that is also a colonial village full of histories and narrow streets that a regular tourist doesn't visits. Our goal is to let the visitors discover the magic of both sides of Ollantaytambo and interact with the inhabitants, who have so much to share with them.

This also allow to discover hidden places that a regular tourist can't see due to the few time they have with the regular excursions. We invite you to discover a brand new world.

New Machu Picchu Tour – Excursion to Machu Picchu in Machu Picchu Train
Daily only at 05.00am.

Train service than join the Sacred Valley with Aguas Calientes, which allows a longer stay in Machu Picchu.

Departure from the hotel in Cusco in Bus Shuttle

Train departure from Ollanta

Arrival to Aguas Calientes

Arrival to Machu Picchu

Enjoy 7 hours at the Sanctuary !

Bus departure from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes

Machu Picchu Train departure towards Ollanta

Bus Shuttle departure from Ollanta to the hotel in Cusco

Arrival to the hotel.
Total transfers time: 7hrs 35min

New Service – Camino Inca Premium
Pre-scheduled departures. Please contact us

We have improved a new service named Premium. Our standard service offers you a high quality service, but in the Premium you will feel as if you were in a 5* camping, and the meals are as good as those you eat in any elegant restaurant in town.

We have pe-scheduled some dates for the departures and offer the high quality service the tourist will request. The minimum number of pax we need for this is 4 pax.

September: 1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 27, 29
October: 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27
November: 2, 7, 14, 21, 28
December: 1, 6, 13, 20, 22, 28

These outings don't imply the entrance to the Inca trail availability. These can be checked in http://www.inc-cusco.gob.pe/. The RCI reservation system will give you and updated information about it. The reservations can't be done online, they can only be done by buying the ticket with the name and passport or identity document of the visitor. Once that the entrance is bought, the name can't be changed nor the ticket refundable.

For further information, please visit our web www.graylineperu.com.