June 11, 2006: There is a new reason to get wild on Vancouver Island! Under new management, the Bungy Zone has become WildPlay at the Bungy Zone, with a new look and new outdoor experiences. Beginning July 15, in addition to bungy jumping and swinging across the canyon, guests will be able to climb, swing and zip among the trees in a kind of obstacle course that’s reminiscent of a playground jungle gym. Except that parts of this jungle gym are over 50 feet above the ground.

“It’s fun and it also tests your limits,” says Tom Benson, President and General Manager. “The perception of risk presents our visitors with an opportunity to empower themselves as they experience the different adventures. Whether it’s bungy jumping or our TreeGO course, people are challenged at their own level. They can choose to move beyond their comfort zone.”

WildPlay at the Bungy Zone features three “wild” adventures: bungy jumping from 140 feet above the Nanaimo River, the King Swing over the river which can reach speeds up to 140 km/h and the brand new TreeGO park. Visitors are also welcome to enjoy the grounds, play a game of volleyball on the sand court or relax in the licensed Adrenalin Café.

TreeGO is WildPlay’s tree-to-tree park, combining a series of interactive, physically engaging activities among the trees in several acres of Douglas Fir forest. “Elements” are each segment of the obstacle course and include zip lines, suspended bridges, scramble nets and swinging logs. TreeGO is divided into four courses, each of increasing height and difficulty and a children’s course for ages 12 and under. Guests have the option of completing the entire five courses or opting out at any of the exit points. The entire course can be completed in approximately two and a half hours. TreeGO is the only park of its kind west of Quebec, where tree-to-tree parks are a popular summer attraction.

All elements are built to strict environmental standards, respecting the integrity of the trees that support the park elements. Platforms are held in place using a compression system to protect trees from damage. Half-logs and sheathed-mooring cables prevent cables from cutting into trees, minimizing tree trunk degradation. Cable tension is checked and adjusted daily to ensure the highest safety standards as well as to accommodate tree growth.

WildPlay is the inspiration of Gord Ross and Tom Benson. After forming Slipstream Adventures in 1990, both became certified climbing instructors and proceeded to rapidly turn the company into one of Western Canada’s most successful wilderness adventure operations. WildPlay is an extension of their desire to bring the outdoor experience to more people and create an experience that doesn’t require extensive personal training, preparation time, gear or risk.

TreeGO was designed and built by d’Arbre en Arbre, a company that has completed a network of over 30 customized parks internationally, including parks throughout France on which WildPlay at the Bungy Zone is modeled.

WildPlay at the Bungy Zone opens July 15 and is open seven days a week through the summer season. All activities are 25% off through opening weekend.

About WildPlay Element Parks
A subsidiary of RossBenson Adventures Corporation, WildPlay Ltd. was created to make exciting outdoor experiences more accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. WildPlay aims to reinvigorate the concept of play for children and adults and to encourage families to play together. WildPlay’s TreeGO Park is built to operate within the natural environment, causing minimal impact on the landscape. WildPlay’s sister company, Slipstream Adventures Ltd., has exclusive rights to distribute TreeGO parks throughout Western Canada and the Western United States. For more information see www.wildplayparks.com.