View of the Arenal Volcano from top of zipline platformWhether I'd zipline in Costa Rica was never a question; I'd done it before and had heard that Sky Trek's ziplines feature breathtaking views of Lake Arenal, the Arenal Volcano and untouched Costa Rican jungle canopies.

Despite my fear of heights, I didn't second-guess my decision to take the arduously long SkyTram journey to the top of the Arenal Reserve. I didn't second-guess my decision as I took in the spellbinding volcanic view atop the platform. I didn't even second-guess my decision during the two practice ziplines.

zipliningNo, reality didn't hit me until it was too late. I finally second-guessed myself when I was flying down the first "real" zipline and realized that I was high. Obscenely high. (A staggering 660 feet off the ground, I later learned.) I spewed some words not suitable for print and cursed my daredevil tendencies as I cruised through the most terrifying, exhilarating ride of my life.

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