(Mexico City, September 28th 2011) – Aeromexico, Mexico’s global airline, announced that beginning September 27th, the airline will be operating ‘green’‘ flights from Mexico City to San Jose, Costa Rica with Next Generation Boeing 737s, as part of its Vuelos Verdes, Green Flights, program.  The flights use a mixture of biofuel and fossil jet fuel provided by Airports and Auxiliary Services.

The biofuel is a mixture of hydrocarbons produced from oils obtained from plants grown in marginal areas or desert and jet fuel mixed with fossil fuels.

Aeromexico is committed to protecting the environment. In coordination with ASA, the airline made the decision to conduct green flights to Costa Rica due to the country’s strong commitment to improve the quality of the environment through concrete actions.

The weekly flights will use 85% of fossil jet fuel and 15% biofuel, along with other initiatives to optimize fuel consumption. This combined with onboard service design and waste management upon arrival in San Jose, minimize the total environmental footprint of each flight.

Additionally, Aeromexico will screen a video onboard the flights, to inform passengers about its initiative and the benefits that come with saving water and electrical energy onboard the aircraft with small adjustments such as keeping the window blinds closed,  maintaining a sustainable lifestyle, etc.

With this Vuelos Verdes program, Aeromexico reaffirms its commitment to the development and sustainable production of alternative fuels – carbon neutral – demonstrating the combined potential strategies to reduce aviation emissions and contribute with actions against global climate change.