Mangilao Golf courtesy of GVBOn a tropical island it's a pretty sure bet that there are plenty of water activities to amuse yourself with and Guam is no exception. The ocean is our playground and there is no end to the things you can do in the water, but what about activities that don't require getting wet? Hiking, racecar driving, golfing, fishing, and skydiving are just a few of the activities you'll find on Guam where a swimsuit is optional.

Take your first step, literally, to discovering all Guam has to offer by setting out on foot, hiking, or "boonie stomping" as we call it, to secluded jungle locations or along sandy beaches that the average visitor never sees. Tramp through lush vegetation on hikes rated easy to very difficult and cool off in concealed ponds, natural pools, and countless waterfalls of every size.

Guam is a hiker's paradise with treks that wind up and down hills, scale cliff walls, and meander through beautiful jungles. Each region of Guam has its own unique natural features and artifacts from history. An easy hike along Tanguisson Beach in the north will take you to Shark's Hole, an underwater pool that can be explored during calm seas, and a short walk through the jungle leads you to the Lost Pond, one of our island's hidden fresh water treasures.

Further south, hikers can descend a cliff to an underground swimming pool and site of ancient Latte stones. Latte stones are located throughout the jungles of Guam and can only be visited by foot. The exact history of the Latte has been lost, but Chamorros believe they were used as pillars to support homes and structures, keeping them off the ground and away from pests while allowing cool breezes to sweep beneath for comfort. These mysterious relics from ancient times are worth hiking through dense jungle to see as are the numerous cave, some with pictographs on the walls drawn hundreds of years ago by our ancestors.

If you're more of a leisurely walker, one that prefers to haul a set of nine irons over a canteen and backpack, you'll fall in love with each of Guam's nine golf courses. Guam's idyllic year round weather means every day is perfect for nine or eighteen holes! Each course is meticulously manicured and landscaped to merge seamlessly with Guam's natural beauty. Imagine swinging away from one cliff to another, the ball sailing over crashing waves on a course designed by golfing legends Jack Niklaus and Arnold Palmer. It's always tee time on Guam and you can stay at a golf resort to insure your place on the dawn patrol. All courses feature a complete clubhouse and the amenities you'd expect at any premier golf course.

Walking and hiking might not be your style at all; you might prefer a little transportation for your sightseeing journey to adventure on Guam. The choices range from horseback to bicycle, scootcar to helicopter, whatever mode strikes your fancy at the time! Bicycles, mopeds, and funky little Scootcars can be rented from businesses in Tumon, the heart of Guam's tourism industry. Explore the sites of Tumon at your own pace or take it up a notch by heading south to Guam's version of the wild, wild West. There are several ranches on Guam where you can see the sights from horseback with your trusty mount forging the best path.

Once you've made it south, a visit to Gef Pa'go is a must for those who relish learning about the culture and customs of their island hosts. Designed to bring the past alive, Gef Pa'go is a replica of a Chamorro village with thatched huts and structures built using traditional methods along the shores of the village of Inarajan. Visitors can learn to weave with coconut and pandanus leaves to create baskets, fans, headbands, and other small items. There are Chamorro cooking classes, jewelry making using shells and sea glass, and art classes on the workshop schedule. Gef Pa'go also conducts tours of the Chamorro Cultural Village and to the Inarajan Historic District, featuring homes built in the early 1900s.

You can learn more about Guam's natural flora and foliage by visiting the Namo Falls Botanical Park. Follow a path through the park to the Guello and Guella waterfalls while feasting your eyes on the colorful display of ginger, plumeria, orchids, halaconia, hibiscus, and gardenia nestled amongst groves of bamboo, pandanus, and tropical fruit trees. Tantalize your taste buds in earnest as you feast on star apples, mango, papaya, breadfruit, and an abundance of other local and locally grown produce at Hamamoto Tropical Fruit World.

If none of these unique avenues for adventure have caught your fancy so far, it could be you require something a bit more extreme "“ like an aerial view of Guam as you jump from a plane and skydive to earth. If that sounds boring, you can always fling yourself skyward seated in the middle of a sphere-like cage that is catapulted to the heavens courtesy of two bungee-like cables. The Slingshot is an experience you won't soon forget!

Wind down from an eventful day by taking in the stars that twinkle in our night skies. Guam's location near the equator allows you a breathtaking view of constellations, planets, and stars unseen in most other locations. A visit to the University of Guam's Planetarium will let you see the constellations in an entirely new light, be sure to check their website at to find out when the next show is. Planetarium public shows are almost always the second full week of the month on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 6:30 and 7:00 pm. The doors open at 6:00 and public shows are always free.

The possibilities for fun, sun, and adventure are endless on Guam and we haven't even talked about helicopter and plane tours, jungle riverboat cruises, deep sea fishing, or mentioned a single water-related activity &mdash ;and you know that list is endless! But the moral of this story is: you don't need a swimsuit to experience a jewel in the Pacific and the gem of Micronesia, the gorgeous island of Guam, USA! All you need is your imagination and thirst for adventure and excitement; Guam will provide everything else!

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