In a year filled with fantastic surprises at every destination I visited, one stood out as a favorite. One that I could see myself one living in at some point down the road. It's charming, interesting and has lots to explore "“ ITKT's Favorite Destination of 2008 is Denmark.

In Copenhagen, I found that meandering through the great pedestrian streets like Strauss, exploring the nooks and crannies of one hundred-year-old theme park, Tilovi, people watching, whiling away the hours in one of Copenhagen's many squares, enjoying a copicino, and soaking in its storybook architecture, all perfect ways to spend an afternoon or evening.

However, Copenhagen is not the only reason to visit Denmark. Here are a few tips for travelers to get out of Denmark's most influential city to explore more of ITKT's favorite destination for 2008.

Modern Art Extravaganza
Lousiana is the main modern art museum in the little town of Holmbaek. As a rule, I can’t stand most modern art and swore I would give myself no more than a half hour before leaving. I spent the better part of the day there and ended up needing more time. Has a huge and unusual ,if not weird permanent collection, and several featured installations offering paintings, sculptures, videos, and lighting from around the world, but mostly Scandinavian artists. It is perfect for both folks traveling by car or train, especially those who plan to hit…

Kronborg Castle
The Kronborg Castle at Helsingor (or Elsinore) or better known as Hamlet’s Castle, which inspired Shakespeare. It is also situated along Denmark's coast, which is the narrowest point between Denmark and Sweden and offers nice views of Sweden across the sound.


Roskilde is home to the Viking Ships Museum. These have been painstakingly reassembled after being found on the sea floor forty years ago. The museum is interesting and also is the launching pad for the traditionalists who build long boats in the old fashioned way with axe and elbow grease. Very cool workshop. As I write this, there is a team of screwballs sailing to Dublin on one of these sail/row boats. Visitors can sail/row at a nearby fjord, kids can pound metals into jewelry, shoot bow and arrow, and learn about vikings.

Best of all, Christiania is a former army barracks turned into Hippie commune run amok. Loads of face painting, flowers, wild architecture, beautiful wall murals, artists, and hash. It is an interesting sub-culture and like stepping into another time and place that has little to do with modern-day Copenhagen. They put on plays, have some odd government that I couldn't decipher, pay no taxes, and did I mention the hash. It is a little city inside of Copenhagen. They have restaurants, city tours, and a festive atmosphere that sits somewhere between carnie and carnival.

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