This question comes up a lot with travelers new to the Caribbean. The islands in the Bahamas tend to be safe for drinking, although you are still better off to consume bottled water whenever possible.

Most savvy travelers know to limit or totally avoid getting local water in their mouths, eyes, etc., particularly in Mexico (known for its infamous “Montezuma’s Revenge”), India, and most African nations.

NOTE: Having been ill in Venezuela and Mexico (from brushing my teeth with tap water and eating a raw salad, respectively) I can tell you that an ounce of prevention will save you days dashing from bedroom to bathroom.

These particular locations"”and others"”are not only capable of making you ill, but could potentially be life-threatening. So what about the Bahamas?

Each island in the Bahamas is unique, therefore this hint is a bit vague; even within a single island there are differences based upon location, community, financial situation and weather. My experience is limited to two islands in particular"”Nassau and Eleuthera. I have found the water to be clean in both locales, although it is often desalinated so here is a taste issue. While safe to consume, I still prefer bottled water.

In a pinch, you can probably drink the water safely throughout the islands in the Bahamas, but for taste and ultimate safety, it is recommended to stick to bottled water"”plentiful and cheap.

Written by Jesse Siglow