When I first started In The Know Traveler almost five years ago. I never planned to run a single story about the United States. Yes, I know that it’s my home and a great place to live and visit, but I had planned to promote destinations outside of it. After all, the US is the number one traveled place in the world and I have driven across it several times and enjoyed it all. So I went off to promote the world.

However, as time went on I received more and more comments, questions and submissions highlighting my beloved country. I eventually broke down and started presenting stories about the wide range of places, cultures, and styles that all were uniquely American. Still the vast majority of ITKT’s stories and focus were the wonderful places around the world that need to be seen and discovered. I still want the focus ITKT on the international destinations, but what to do about all those great stories about the US, and all those great international travelers and locals looking to travel the US?

Then a brainstorm hatched like a giant red, white and blue egg that exploded into an omelet. In The Know Traveler USA was born. In The Know Traveler USA will contain the same quality ITKT fan’s have come to trust and will focus on only the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and US Territories (Puerto Rico, Northern Marianas, Guam, US Virgin Islands). Each will have pages, original stories, the best in travel news, videos and blogs, all with the ITKT flair. We hope you will check us out — now whether you’re traveling internationally of staying right here at home.

So it’s time to say goodbye to the USA on In The Know Traveler, but not entirely. Come see us at In The Know Traveler USA, and get in the know about the USA