Having been away from my home city for so long, I almost feel like a tourist when I come back. The air is clean and delicious, the internet is completely dependable, and best of all… I am back in the sushi capital of the world!

Yes, Vancouver is the sushi capital of the world. We Vancouverites eat more sushi than people in Japan, according to a 2007 article in the local ‘Vancouver Sun’ newspaper. The fish is said to be fresher here, and there is a huge variety in terms of vegetable fillings and even different types of rice. Whatever the reason, the city of Vancouver loves its sushi!

If you’re going to be visiting Vancouver, stopping to eat sushi is an essential experience to be had. There are just over 100 McDonalds outlets in the city, but there are almost 400 individual sushi restaurants! Along Broadway alone, a main street up from downtown, there are almost 100 sushi spots. Because sushi can be found on nearly every corner, competition between restaurants is fierce. As a result, the price and quality of sushi in Vancouver is unmatched. Some specialty sushi restaurants offer healthier sushi options such as rolls made with wild rice or rolled in ground flaxseed. Others have their own ‘signature’ rolls, using non-traditional ingredients like cream cheese and mango to create new delicacies. Whether you like salmon, crab meat; octopus or eel, or prefer vegetarian specialties such as yam tempura, avocado or sweet tofu inari, you’ll be able to find something delicious that suits your taste, and your wallet. While most little places offer 6 rolls at prices like $2.50 to $3.50, high-end sushi is also available. In Vancouver, sushi is a good pick for any taste and any budget, and is an incomparable west coast experience.

New-Bronwyn-McBride-250Bronwyn McBride is from Vancouver, Canada. After years of circus school in Montreal and Quebec city, and then a long summer in Varanasi, she now lives in Mumbai. Besides working in communications and fundraising for an educational NGO, going for runs and sampling Mumbai’s fabulous variety of street food, Bronwyn loves to observe and write on all facets of Mumbai’s diversity, beauty and struggle. Her personal blog can be found at www.littlebirdbombay.com