On Bowen Island is the lovely Killarney Lake, which is worth a hike around if you are at all interested in wild animals.

Starting from Snug Cove Ferry Terminal, turn at the first right before the library (parking available) and then take the path left behind the Information Centre.

This is the Hatchery Trail which goes past a Memorial garden, a fish ladder, and a spawning stream. Along this trail there are two huge burned-out cedars, the victims of lightning. The lake trail is then well signposted.

This trail is well groomed with boardwalks, bridges, and reinforced hillsides all in lovely thick forests of cedars, hemlocks, and Douglas Firs. We saw frogs, a snake, Stellar's Jays, woodpeckers, robins, chickadees, and many other birds we couldn't identify. The whole walk is around 5 miles and is worth taking your time over. There is a picnic area near Magee Road where you could also park if you were feeling less energetic.

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