This is my first tour group. It is a far different experience than I expected. Here are a few musts to consider as I sit here in a small cafe in Olympia Greece. By the way, Pompei, Italy is one of the most indescribable places I have ever been.

Wake up calls – Vacationers are going to be on the groups time schedule, not your own. Days can be long and probably packed from morning to evening.

Sensory Overload – Expect to see a lot, all day in fact. Travelers will get history lessons, local facts, food of varying deliciousness, and sites.

Extras – There will be a lot of extra expenses: optional excursions, meals that are not included in the tour price, and toiletries not at the hotel.

Remember! – Everything is chosen for the generic travel experience and not tailored to your specific wants. Which is both great and no so.

Written by Devin Galaudet