With the state of the dollar and current place of economy I can understand why England may not be high on the list of destinations for some. So when I came across a shop that is particularly discounted and tons of locals filling the place, I had to check it out. I found Primark while walking through Picadilly Garden in Manchester. Primark is a super cheap super store that sells clothes and other department store items all at incredibly low prices.

Personally, I bought two pairs of sunglasses for £2.50 (around four dollars) and a pair of leather boots for £5. It was hard to say now to dozens of other finds but I only have so much room in my suitcase. Please note my impromptu sunglasses photo session photo. The glasses look good and offer UV protection. If they last more than a week I am golden.

For the record, England is not a lot more expensive than anywhere else I have traveled to over the last year or two and bargain hunters can find good bargains throughout Britain if they try.