Armenia in Video

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From Armenia with love

I know I rarely write “as the Editor” and this needs to change. Mostly, because ITKT has been doing building a number of big projects for the new year. Still, in the midst of it all, I try to cut a video and do a little writing to keep our community in the loop now and again. The above video was taken while I was in multiple locations throughout Armenia with Flotours. As the first “Christian” nation there are a ton of churches, but that not all that shines in Armenia.

Some destination included are the Akhtala Monastery, the Monastery of Haghpat, Lake Sevan (a place that locl will say, you have not vistited until you have been to Lake Sevan), the Temple of Mihr in Garni, Geghard (where I saw the bread making), Yerevan, at the Matenadaren Research Institute, the Cafesijian Sculpture Garden and the Genecide Memorial (both are a must see if in Yerevan).

Finally, the spectacular singer performed inside the Temple of Garni. Sadly, I did not get there group’s name but it was truly an incredible performance.