Even professional photographers get caught without a camera, sometimes. Sometimes it's intentional, other times: batteries go dead, you left your SD card in the computer at home, or, just didn't bring a camera and that's when things happen. An opportunity for a great photo smacks you right between the eyes!

michael-lynch-without-your-cameraThis photo was taken at a place called Manzamo and the rock formation in the cliffs with the triangular hole carved in it, overlooking the East China Sea is a spot where every tourist with a camera wants to take a picture of their friends or family. I had no camera with me. I watched, shaking my head as dozens of pictures were snapped, knowing exactly what they'd look like on a bright-sunny day, with the harsh sunlight coming from behind people standing in the picture. Then, I remembered my cell phone; it's in my pocket! Asking a few tourists to let me see their photos and then asking if they had a minute for me to show them a little trick, I shot this. Most cameras don't know what you're trying to do on a bright and sunny day; you have to tell them sometimes "Turn on the FLASH". At least a few tourists that day got to take home photos with their friend's faces and the tourist attraction visible in the picture and I hope this gives you an idea for your next trip (It works on the Eiffel Tower, too). Until next time, Happy Shooting.

mikelynch200A wildlife photographer living in Okinawa, Japan, Mike has been featured in Matador Abroad and is published in Apogee Photo Magazine, Boots N all, The Nihon Sun and Photo Guide Japan. He has recently joined the ranks of travel writers, capturing Nature, Festivals, Castles and Cultural shots of the Ryukyu Islands to share with the world.