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Nicaragua Travel Deals

Here are a few of the travel deals being offered this fall in Nicaragua. · Wildland Tours’ “Nicaragua Adventure Tour”: For the thrill-seeking adventurer – zip lining, hiking, cycling, kayaking and sand boarding. 9-day tour, starting at $2,850 per person – airfare not...

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“Hola Papi” Love Found Me in CR

Hola Papi She said. “Hola Papi,” I had taken a short stroll in the rain with my super-compactable umbrella from my four-star hotel, which sat on the pedestrian walkway at the corner of Avenida Central and Calle 1 in San Jose Costa Rica. I had just walked past a...

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Guatemala Launches the Mayan B`Aktunes Route

(NEW YORK- MAY 17, 2012) -The Guatemala Tourism Board, INGUAT, and the Guatemalan Ministry of Culture have announced the launch of the B’aktunes Route, a special cultural route that features archeological sites with strong evidence of the Maya Calendar’s Long Count...

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Francis Ford Coppola’s Blancaneaux Lodge

(NAPA, Calif., February 2012) – Francis Ford Coppola’s famed Blancaneaux Lodge in Belize is commemorating the highly-anticipated final year of the Maya calendar by launching five exciting Cave Explorations within Belize’s Maya Mountain Massif, a collection of twelve...

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Panama to Host the World’s Cinema

(Panama, August 16, 2012) - The film industry has become an important source of income in today's world eceonomy, making exciting productions that are seen all over the world! Cinematography looks to find interesting and beautiful places throughout the world that help...

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Panama Offers Free Medical Insurance for Tourists

(Miami, Fl. February 1, 2011) -- In 2011, Panama begins a new program; reinforcing tourists are a top priority for the country. All tourists as well as Panamanians living abroad will receive medical insurance with top level coverage in case of emergency during the...

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Enjoy Panama a Different Way with Agritourism

(Panama City, Panama, October 11, 2011) - Panama is proud to offer an alternative for tourists who are looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the country's rural areas and experience the joy of connecting with nature by giving travelers the opportunity to interact,...

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