At a friend's suggestion, I decided to take my daughter to Atlantis for the day as the Epic would be docked in Nassau in the Bahamas. I could not have been happier with my decision.

Unfortunately, the ship didn't even dock until noon. So we were already off to a late start before we even got started. And we had to return to the ship my 5:30. So I knew it was going to be tight. Then, we made the mistake of taking the water taxi and it was hot, crowded, and SLOW. Do not believe them when they tell you they have a boat leaving "now." "Now" means whenever they have shoved as many hot, sweaty bodies onto a crowded, wooden boat.

But once we got past our transportation issue, all was well. Better than well actually. Atlantis is truly incredible. It has a water park that is beyond anything I've seen with vertical drops into shark tanks, water propelled "roller coaster," river rapids, eleven swimming pools, an impressive aquarium, dolphin experiences, snorkeling, beach access, water bikes, and anything else you can imagine there.

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