I got up early and packed us up and then we grabbed our last breakfast onboard the Epic. My daughter and I were both so sad about having to leave. Somehow I managed to leave my camera in the dining room. But the Epic's amazing staff had it logged in and returned to the front desk before I even realized it. So I was able to retrieve it with relative ease.

It did take a bit to get off the ship. Even though we opted to carry our own luggage off as opposed to have them take it at 1am and have it waiting for us, there were still long lines to have them swipe your room key and allow you to disembark. Word to the wise though, check lines closer to the front of the ship. The lines aft were more than 30 "“ 45 minutes long and we didn't wait but five once we found the right line.

Then, of course, we had to wait to get through customs. It was a breeze once it was our turn. But we did wait twenty minutes or so. I was getting nervous about our flight time. I hadn't planned to lose my camera obviously and we were suddenly cutting it very close.

Once outside, everyone was milling around trying to figure out the best way to the airport "“ taxi or shuttle. Because we were in such a hurry, I agreed to the $10.00 a person shuttle that was leaving that instant instead of waiting for a taxi which would have been a good bit cheaper. But you do what you have to do, right?

We made it onboard our flight just in time and got back to Dallas without incident.

Jenny-Block-Publicity-Shot-250Jenny Block is the author of "Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage" (Seal Hardcover, June 2008 and Seal Paperback, March 2009), which has been nominated for a Lambda Literary Award. She writes a weekly column for the Dallas Morning News publication Quick called "Sex Talk with Jenny Block" (quickdfw.com). Jenny holds both her BA and her MA in English from Virginia Commonwealth University and taught college composition for nearly ten years. She writes for a wide variety of publications and websites, including huffingtonpost.com, yourtango.com, American Way, Veranda, the Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Voice, edgedallas.com, literarymama.com, Spirit, chow.com, and ellegirl.com.