I had the pleasure to ride along with Kruse on a recent trip across the South Island in New Zealand. As I drove, Kruse had a lot to say about New Zealand history, Maori culture, local information and attractions. I learned a lot. If you are wondering who Kruse is? I’ll tell you. Kruse is a small black box that sits on the dashboard of any rental car or RV that uses GPS technology to offer regional highlights throughout New Zealand. It plugs into the cigarette lighter and does not need prompting. When Kruse is not sharing the mythology of Tiki (Maori’s Mother Earth), it plays music or can be turned off. For those planning a New Zealand road trip, the system is worth investigating.

I tested this unit for several days driving around Christchurch (in the rain) and later on a two day drive up the coast to Picton. The GPS system worked well in both urban and remote settings. Technology…Amazing!

Written by Devin Galaudet

For more information www.krusenz.com