The cow bell rang and so started a cacophony of voices from fifty three tables. It was a moment where tourism officials from all over Europe come to the States to meet journalists face-to-face for 15 minutes of speed-dating style interviews and basic Q and A. They called it VEMEX, standing for Visit Europe Media EXchange, and it makes for a long day.

While the behind-the-scenes action is really not that exciting or worth discussing, there is loads of things going on in Europe that is. Traditional destinations still offer gothic cathedrals and castles with events and festivals throughout Europe happening year-round "“ there are over 2500 events planned in Switzerland alone. There will also be new promotions, tours, and opportunities for the traveler making the countries of Europe, individually and combined, a sought after destination.

Of course, In The Know Traveler was there. We had the good fortune to enjoy a packed schedule to sit down with old friends and had opportunities to make new ones. Our own Maryl Celiz handled on-camera interviews with some of Europe's most knowledgeable, notable, and important movers and shakers in European tourism.

Our readers should check back often, for new video interviews, tour information and recommendations from Europe's finest.

Written by Devin Galaudet