Colours of Malaysia
26 May – 10 June 2007: For a fascinating glimpse of Malaysian
culture, nothing beats the Colours of Malaysia celebration.
This enthralling event showcases the best of Malaysian culture, craft and cuisine over an entire month. Delight in the colourful parades, dance and musical performances; savour the array of mouth-watering local delicacies at food festivals and visit the exquisite cultural exhibitions held nationwide.

Malaysia International Aerospace Exhibition
5 June – 7 August 2007: Malaysia will be one of the first few Asian countries to hold a world-class Aerospace Expo. Locals and foreigners will have the opportunity to take a close look at a space shuttle.

Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival
16 June – 2 September 2007: Grab this opportunity to enjoy amazing discounts and special offers during Malaysia ‘s biggest annual sale carnival! From designer wear to electronic items, from cosmetics to footwear, there’s something for everyone at countless shopping malls and stores nationwide.

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