Bach Festival, Leipzig
June 7 – Jun 17
The theme of 2007's annual Bach Festival is “From Monteverdi to Bach”, with music from France, England, Germany and Italy. The artists will be performing at venues including churches that breathe the spirit of Bach and bear the traces of his predecessors. There will once again be trips to concert and operas, intimate chamber music and large-scale orchestral concerts for the delight of music-lovers and connoisseurs.

Classical Music at the Odeonsplatz, Munich
June 30 – July 1
The two-day annual event begins with Munich's Philharmonic Orchestra performing on the Odeon public square in Munich. The soloist will be Waltraud Maier, who is internationally recognized as one of the most famous Wagner-singers. The conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra will be Claus Peter Flor who is known as a remarkably talented conductor. On the second day, the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Broadcast will be performing. Lang Lang, a famous Chinese pianist, hired by the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics, will be welcomed as a special guest. Mariss Janson will be the conductor. During this event, works by Beethoven and Wagner will be presented. only)

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