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Our video Interview

I had the pleasure of meeting Massi Devoto Chen at Pann’s in Los Angeles to discuss one of my favorite topics, Costa Rica. What I remember most about my first trip to Costa Rica, a visit to the Oso Peninsula about eight years ago. I slept in the coolest treehouse I ever saw under a tent to keep Costa Rica’s impressive insect population and awake to the sounds of a family of monkeys grooming the themselves on the patio of my room.

There are amazing monkeys in Costa Rica

Monkeys in Oso Peninsula Costa Rica

Mother and baby out for a climb: day one

Before the day was over, I had seen four types of monkey, sloth, an anteater, a pack of turtle hunting coati, agouti, wild parrot and red-tailed macaw and fresh jaguar tracks. It was a mind blowing experience and that was just day one. I have since visited Costa Rica multiple other times.


Reward cultural experience!

And yes, I ate some of those rambutan

Exploring culture in Costa Rica

Eating rambutan in Costa Rica

Massi and I talked about about all the incredible things to do in Costa Rica and I knew you would want in. So I was lucky enough to get a time when I could get Massi in front of a camera once he returned back to Costa Rica. And I jumped at it.

Massi covered all the main areas of exploring Costa Rica. Get ready to take some notes for your next trip.


And yes, I took this photos and bathed in this sunset

Sunset in Costa Rica

Sunset in Costa Rica’s Oso Peninsula

I recommend visiting Massi’s company site, if you are into visiting Costa Rica in the near future, Explornatura at or you can get to him by email at

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