I arrived at the Crown Pacific Hotel in Huatulco, Mexico at approximately 4p.m. My first impression of Huatulco? I almost forgot what warm weather feels like. After five minutes in this beach town, I now understood why people need a spring break — or I should say a winter break. Even in Los Angeles where temperatures never dip very low, I feel like I've been sleepwalking through an abnormally long and gray winter. Well, not anymore.

Crown Pacific is a lovely multi-tiered hotel that has a yellow lift or cable car, that streams up the middle of white buildings to take guests to upper-leveled rooms. The charm of the place is hard to miss. The open-air lobby and bar was a nice welcome that continued as a yellow tram drove me to my room, and as kind and helpful staff were willing to answer any question or fill any request with a smile.

Though the hotel is not directly on the water, all I had to do is call the operator and a tram picked me up and drove to the hotel's beach front sight, complete with a bar, pool, buffet, kids playing area, lounge chairs, and my favorite hammocks.

mexicoxjb350Yes, as soon as I got a chance to freshen up from 7 hours of travel, I threw on my bathing suit and headed for the beach to lay in a hammock soaking in the sun while sipping on a chilada (Corona beer, mixed with lemon juice over ice, in a salt rimmed glass). And did I tell you the water is deliciously blue and warm. Ah yes, so far Huatulco is a great place to feel the sun again.