On Vancouver’s North Shore there is a bus station at the SeaBus terminal. Take bus 236 to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, the world's oldest suspension footbridge. Apparently, the gorge that the bridge spans is as wide as two jumbo jets wingtip to wingtip, and the suspension bridge uses 2-inch steel cables capable of supporting two fully-loaded jumbo jets. I hope you find at least one of these Jumbo Jet statistics reassuring! The bridge is 137 metres long and is 70 metres above the Capilano Canyon. Once across the swaying bridge, visitors find a forest of cedar, Douglas fir, and hemlock. Follow the paths around to the newest attraction at Capilano, a Treetops Adventure above the forest floor via a series of cable bridges suspended between platforms. The walk is 650 feet long and up to 12-stories into the forest canopy.

People who have had enough of slightly swaying bridges may prefer the Cliffhanger Walk. It is a stroll on terra firma, which offers a different perspective of the forest and the Capilano Canyon. Fans of slightly swaying bridges should know about the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge situated in Lynn Canyon Park. This bridge over Lynn Creek is free, half the length of the Capilano one, but it is 3 metres higher. Lynn Creek is also a wilder river. The bridge is close to the Lynn Valley Ecology Centre where there are many things to do, especially for kids. There are hands-on displays, slide shows, and interesting features on the history of the area.

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